Ambassadorships & Amateur Status

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Hi guys!

Just a quick PSA because I loves-ya!

I get a LOT of emails about brand ambassadorships from riders who are over 18.

If you are no longer a Junior rider, PLEASE be aware of the guidelines for amateurs for the circuit or organization you compete in. In MANY cases, amateur riders are not able to accept ambassadorships because they often involve free or discounted products.

By accepting an ambassadorship, if you are over 18, you could possibly break rules and risk losing your ammy status. In my opinion, there are very few ambassadorships worth being forced to go pro.

Going pro means you show in different divisions against very seasoned professional riders and trainers.  

PLEASE be dilligent about checking rules. Make sure you educate yourself. Ask a qualified steward or official! A lot of companies will accept adult amateur ambassadors - and that's ok - but it's your responsibility to protect your own interests.

Also, if you ARE a Junior, make sure to speak to your parents and trainer about any ambassadorships you may be interested in, so they can give you some guidance as well!

Love you guys.

Now go out there and be awesome.


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