MUFFLEPUFFS: Super Styley Ear Stuffies

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MufflePuffs: Super Styley Ear Stuffies

• 4 sets / package 

• Wool felt blend

• Soft and easy to grab to remove

• Each pack contains 1 black set & 3 color sets

• Horse sized but can be trimmed to fit ponies

• Colored sets are WAY easier to find at home when they fall in the arena dirt or stall

• An excellent, fun and practical gift

• Convenient resealable packaging

• Custom large barn or horse show orders are possible. 6 week lead time. Email 




BLACK: 4 sets of Black.

SLATE: 2 sets Navy. 1 set Slate Blue. 1 set Gray.

BARBIE: 1 set of Black. 3 sets of Pinks.

MERMAID: 1 set of Black. 3 sets of Teals.

PURPLES: 1 set of Black. 3 sets of Purples.

LIVERPOOL: 1 set of Black. 1 set of Navy.  1 set ea of Royal Blue and Medium Blue.

UNICORN: 1 each of Blue, Tiffany, Blossom and Lavender