Play nice and make good choices

Posted by Averill Pessin on

Guys ...

You have to have to HAVE TO be smart about what you post online.

You can't post ANYTHING mean about other people. Not on your account, or an anon or finsta. Therare always people who know who you are and they take screenshots the SECOND you post them.

Once someone screenshots, you can't ever correct that mistake or take back the hurtful words.

If you have brand ambassadorships, you can lose them. Lots of companies TALK to each other.

Not only should you be kind because it's the right thing to do, but also because it will affect you professionally.

There are very very few people in the world who get successful by being mean. And that's just the truth.

Think very seriously about every post and every comment. If it's not nice, don't post it. Not even for a second. We all make mistakes, all of us ...

But you can only make so many mistakes before it's a pattern.

We love you and want you all to have good experiences on social media.

Please make good choices.







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